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5 Healthy Tips To Stave Off Extra Holiday Pounds - News - View

Chicago filmmaker takes on diet industry in new documentary - News - View

UCF researcher lands diabetes grant to help find Type 1 cure - News - View

Healthy Trails walking program kicks off at Arboretum Oct. 22 - News - View

Palatin Technologies CEO Discusses F4Q2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript - News - View

Health and Fitness Calendar - News - View

Weight loss: Weight Watchers outperforms the doctor's office - News - View

Weight Watchers tops doctor's advice for weight loss - News - View

Dieters Lose More on Weight Watchers - News - View

Plan of attack helps lose belly fat - News - View

Nutrition Quiz: Obesity rates - News - View

Health expo today on Belle Isle - News - View

Hopeful 'Biggest Losers' to audition Saturday - News - View

Fight obesity at your school and win $1,000 - News - View

Learning From Celebrity Dieting in the News - News - View

My Day on a Plate: Poppy King - News - View

Austin personal trainers that clients love - News - View

Michelle Obama praises McDonald's new Happy Meals - News - View

Michelle Obama attacks 'food deserts' - News - View

Extreme weight loss: Diet secrets - News - View

Some Restaurant Calorie Counts May Be Inaccurate - News - View

How drinking milk can help lower blood pressure - News - View

Calories Count: But Can Consumers Count on Them? - News - View

One in 5 restaurant calorie listings are off - News - View

Latest Figures On Obesity Paint An Uglier Picture - News - View

The BMI Paradox: Thin Kids Eat More Candy - News - View

Flab fest: 8 most shocking restaurant dishes - News - View

CDC finds sharp rise in obesity, state-by-state - News - View

How Repetitive Foods Can Mean Weight Loss - News - View

State Obesity Rates Are on the Rise - News - View

Does Your Doctor Make You Feel Fat? - News - View

Poll: Boomers worry about cancer, should worry about obesity - News - View

Hearing Loss Linked to Secondhand Smoke - News - View

Can Government Efforts Help Parents Combat Childhood Obesity? - News - View

Celeb Trainer David Kirsch Debunks 7 Common Diet Myths - News - View

Try the High-Metabolism Diet - News - View

Swapping carbs for soy, dairy protein may help lower blood pressure - News - View

Choose Foods to Shed the Pounds - News - View

Still Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated - News - View

Poll: Obesity hits more boomers than others in US - News - View

What You Should Know About the Dukan Diet Plan - News - View

Personality Plays Role in Body Weight: Impulsivity Strongest Predictor of Obesity - News - View

Wyoming inmate fitness program wins national award - News - View

The Healthland Podcast: Superobese Kids, Parents on Facebook and Betty Ford's Mixed Legacy - News - View

Food companies propose children's ad guidelines - News - View

Large Waist Doubles Risk of Kidney Disease Mortality, Study Finds - News - View

Food Makers Push Back on Ads for Children - News - View

Food Industry Sets Standards for Advertising to Kids - News - View

Wednesday: Reversing the trend of childhood obesity and diabetes - News - View

20 tips to help you lose 10 pounds - News - View

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