Healthy Eating Jump-Start Day 20: Treat yourself

Staff - - 01/26/2012
Food Knowledge

Have you made a resolution to eat better and lose weight? Follow our month-long program of daily nutrition tips, created by dietitian Leslie Beck to change your lifestyle for January - and beyond. And to get your fitness on track, try our personal trainer-designed Boot Camp 2012 program.

DAY 20: Treat yourself

You’ve almost done it – conquered The Globe and Mail’s Healthy Eating Jump-Start and mastered some healthy habits along the way. Today, it’s time to indulge yourself. Plan for a splurge you enjoy – be it cookies, cake, ice cream, French fries or, better yet, dark chocolate. (Do this along with getting your whole grains, fruit, vegetables, water, vegetarian protein foods and watching your sodium, of course).

To maintain healthy eating habits, it’s important that you don’t feel deprived. As soon as you put a food on a forbidden list, it becomes more desirable. When you’re stressed or bored you're more likely to crave what’s taboo – a feeling that can lead to bingeing.

Make this weekly treat part of your ongoing eating plan. The occasional indulgence won’t hinder your ability to eat healthfully – or lose weight for that matter.

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