Health Controversy: Disney's Obesity Exhibit

Staff - - 03/05/2012
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Disney made some waves with a brand-new attraction called "Habit Heroes," which put physically fit superheroes into battle with their obese enemies. And here's how well the exhibit has fared so far...

Well, it hasn't. Habit Heroes just opened at Disney World Epcot in February--and the attraction has already been shut down amid a lot of controversy. Parental groups and organizations such as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance took major issue with the interactive exhibit, saying that it was "fat-shaming."

In the attraction, visitors went through three different rooms to confront characters that have bad habits. In the first room, they met fit, healthy protagonists named Callie Stenics and Will Power; each subsequent room would introduce overweight, slothful enemies (like Snacker and Lead Bottom) that would need to be fought with a dance-off or a broccoli-against-creampuff shootout.

The exhibit is down as Disney works to "further refine the experience," according to Kathleen Prihoda, Disney's media relations manager. "Our goal with Habit Heroes is to make sure it conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in a fun way."

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