5 Ways To Get Fit With Your Phone

Staff - huffingtonpost.com - 01/17/2012
Weight Loss Tips

One of the best tools for peeling off pounds is already in your bag: It's your smartphone or iPad. In fact, all that texting, tweeting and posting -- the average woman spends more than 80 minutes a day on her phone, according to a recent report from the mobile apps analytics firm Flurry -- can tip the scales in your favor.

And one in three of us are already using social sites like Facebook to get slender, reports research from the University of Arizona. So go ahead and steal these suggestions from women who took their shape-up viral.

Nancy Tessier, 50, lost 28 pounds by posting all her meals and snacks to Tweet What You Eat ( at twye), an online food journal that lets others eyeball your noshes. "Sometimes it was a lot easier to decide not to eat something than to have to tweet it for the world to see," she says.

Posting your weight-loss numbers can help, too. The University of Arizona research suggests that women who reveal shape-up victories on a weekly basis trim down faster than those who update less frequently. If you're feeling shy, think up a Twitter handle and upload a cartoon character as your avatar so you can share the skinny without feeling self-conscious.

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