Now here's a fast-food meal that will make YOU a whopper! Burger King blasted by health critics

Staff - - 01/24/2012
Food Knowledge

Healthy-food campaigners have criticised Burger King's newest snack which packs in an astonishing 966 calories.

The new Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double Angus burger is the biggest and most fattening on the high street and has twice as many calories as a Big Mac from McDonald's.

The monster sandwich - which costs £5.29 and has a fat content of 58g - has left healthy eating crusaders furious.

The enormous snack is made up of two burgers (6.4oz beef) squeezed into a bun with bacon and cheddar, finished off with a steakhouse sauce.

It also contains lettuce, onion, tomato and mayonnaise.

Burger King said the flame-grilled burger was 'for you more peckish types.' Listing all the ingredients they add: 'Gosh, we're worn out.'

About half of the fat content is saturated fat meaning that a woman eating one will consume almost her entire recommended daily allowance of 25g.

Tam Fry, spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum, told Mail Online: 'This horrendous burger is a graphic illustration of where the government's obesity strategy has gone wrong.

'The strategy is supposed to be a Deal between the Department of Health and the food industry whereby industry pledges to be responsible in marketing its food.

'This burger is the height of irresponsibility and, if left unfettered, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity epidemic.

'The pledges are not worth the paper they are written on and Whitehall doesn't have the stomach to require that they add up to something.'

A women who ate the whopping burger would consume almost half of her recommended daily calorie intake of 1,900. Meanwhile a man would have 39 per cent of his daily allowance.

Someone weighing 12st would need to jog 5mph for at least 90 minutes to burn off the burger's calories.

Sue Baic, from the British Dietetic Association said: 'Of course foods like burgers can play a role in a balanced diet but this sort of massive portion size in a high fat and energy dense food is really making it far too easy for us to overeat.

'The values given here don't even include the chips and shake or fizzy drink which many people will order with it. If you add a large fries and large coke to that you get almost 1600 calories in the one meal.'

It comes as the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley hands over £2bn to local cancels to tackle public health issues like obesity. Currently a quarter of adults are considered obese in the UK as are one in six children.

Obesity can cause a number of health problems including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. An obese person aged over 40 can expect to cut their life expectancy by seven years.

A spokesman for Burger King said they provided calorie information on their main menu boards and it was up to customers to make 'informed choices.'

They pointed out that McDonald's also sells a Big Tasty with Bacon, which has 890calories and 55g of fat.

They added: 'We also have lower calorie options on our menu including the sweet chili chicken wrap at 296 calories and our hamburger at 260 calories and 4g of fat.'

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