Use movements you've never tried to build the body you've always wanted

Staff - - 02/06/2012
Exercise Tips

IMAGINE THAT THE BARBELL CURL CAME WITH AN AUTOCORRECT FUNCTION, one that instantly perfected your form—no cheating allowed. Yes, you would possibly have to remove some weight. But you'd also slash your injury risk while giving your targeted muscles the maximum challenge. As a result, you'd reap the greatest possible benefit from every set.

Turns out, that autocorrect feature already exists—you just have to choose the right moves. I first learned about these moves, known as self-limiting exercises, from Gray Cook, P.T., whose analysis of human movement patterns is used to enhance his clients' performance and prevent injuries. Cook notes that barefoot running is a self-limiting exercise: If you don't use proper form or aren't in shape to run, the pain in your feet is your body's way of warning you to stop before you injure yourself. Makes sense.

That's why I apply this concept to the exercises we use at Results Fitness, the gym I own in Santa Clarita, California. By choosing movements that are nearly impossible to do without correct form, our clients have boosted both their strength gains and their fat loss. Here are six self-limiting exercises you should add to your workouts. Now if only your diet had an autocorrect function...

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