Mother who was so fat her Wii-Fit character BALLOONED can now play on the computer game after losing

Staff - - 01/16/2012
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A mother who was too fat for the Nintendo Wii - making her computerised character balloon when she stood on the Wii-Fit board - can now play with her children again after losing an incredible nine stone.

Mrs Rose was horrified to be told by the Nintendo Wii that she was too heavy for the board when she went to play the game - including bowling and skiing - on the console with her young daughter one Christmas.

Weighing in at 22st 6lb, the machine told her it could not cope with her weight - even making her computerised character blow right up on screen.

After years of battling the bulge, it was the wake-up call the 33-year-old needed - and forced her into shedding weight.

The size 28 mother-of-two has incredibly managed to lose just under nine stone in two years - and can now join in with family fun and play with her children on the console.

Mrs Rose, who lives in Brownhills, Staffordshire with husband Tim and daughters, Alana, eight, and Summer, two, said: 'I was so miserable, but didn't realise how sad I was until I look back at that time.

'We bought my eldest daughter Alana a Wii Fit for Christmas but when I got on it the game made my character explode before we could even start.

'I was stunned when it said that I was too heavy for it. I was just mortified.

'But it really spurred me on to go and do something about my weight. It was the kick-start I needed.'

The machine, which helps users keep track of their fitness and weight with interactive exercises, states the maximum weight for gamers is 21.5st.

Mrs Rose, who works at Asda, joined Weight Watchers at the Park View Centre in Brownhills in January 2010.

She swapped her diet of biscuits, crisps, and curries for fruit, cereals and low-fat meals, and hasn't looked back.

'Things like going shopping for clothes used to be an emotional trauma,' she said.

'I'm still keen to lose more weight and it would be wonderful to get to my goal of 11st 10lb this year.

And she's back on the Wii Fit with her daughters weighing in at 13st 12lb.

'As soon as I'd lost enough weight to use the Wii I was on it - and I can join in with the family Wii parties as well.

'I can actually play the skiing game now and we have a good time playing with it now. I can finally stand on the board without the character blowing up like a balloon and exploding.'

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