Easy Transitions To Healthier Eating

Staff - huffingtonpost.com - 01/17/2012
Food Knowledge

With a full year ahead of us, now is the perfect time to reset yourself when it comes to food and start making simple changes to our eating habits to make healthy eating less of a "resolution," a "sacrifice" or a "burden," and more of an easy, ingrained, natural part of everyday life.

Here, I discuss some uncomplicated ways to make those tiny adjustments to our food decisions that can stave off weight gain, make us feel more satisfied, thrill our taste buds and keep us healthier, for longer.

One of the biggest faux pas of a "healthy" green salad may be the dressing poured over it. With added sugars and processed (often times GMO) oils, additives, and preservatives, some salad dressings are truly super processed food in disguise. Good news is, with just a few ingredients from your pantry like vinegars, oils, mustard and salt and pepper, you can make your own from scratch in minutes.

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