The Latest on Trans Fat? It May Shrink Your Brain

Staff - - 01/04/2012
Body and Brain

Just in case you needed another reason to avoid trans fat in food products at all costs, the latest study finds that this unhealthful type of fat may mess with your brain...

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University say that people who eat diets high in trans fat were more likely to experience "brain shrinkage" than those who eat a health diet low in trans fats. Just a reminder: Trans fats, listed on ingredient labels as "partially hydrogenated" oils, are often found in packaged cookies and cakes, fast food, and many margarine spreads. (And, I found trans fat lurking in the strangest place!)

You may be able to ward off a shrinking brain and diseases like Alzheimer's by eating more vegetables, foods high in vitamins E, D, C and A, and getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, say the researchers.

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