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Young adults only walk five minutes a day 'because of technology' - Obesity Trends - View

Obese toddler has gastric bypass surgery - Obesity Surgeries - View

The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements - Food Knowledge - View

Brazil develops 'superfoods' to combat hidden hunger - Food Knowledge - View

Organic food – What is an ‘organic’ label really worth? - Food Knowledge - View

Gluten and MSG intolerance may be only in your head. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. - Food Knowledge - View

Nutrition Conventional Wisdom Takes It on the Chin: Salt is Harmless, and Fish Oil Hikes Risk of Pro - Food Knowledge - View

Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 70% - Food Knowledge - View

Exercise changes the way fat is stored - Weight Loss Theories - View

Chronic Dehydration More Common Than You Think - Weight Loss Tips - View

How to curb obesity: Tax calories, study says - Obesity Trends - View

Two Large Meals a Day Tops Six Mini-Meals for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Theories - View

Zafgen Says Obesity Drug Spurs Weight Loss in Study - Weight Loss Theories - View

American Medical Association declares obesity 'a disease' - Most Read - View

Taco Bell Experiments With Protein-Packed Menu - Obesity Trends - View

Frappuccino Quantified: Starbucks to Add Calorie Counts - Most Read - View

Why is it easier to lose 2-4 pounds rather than 3 pounds? - Weight Loss Theories - View

How we feel can change how we taste fat - Weight Loss Theories - View

New Diet Extreme: Patch sewn onto tongues! - Obesity Trends - View

Sea Anemone Venom Offers Promise in Fight against Obesity - Weight Loss Theories - View

Parents have gastric bypass; children’s DNA may receive the benefits - Obesity Surgeries - View

High sodium content may keep stars looking perpetually young - Most Read - View

Everyone Underestimates Fast-Food Calories (But Especially at Subway) - Food Knowledge - View

McDonald's CEO: I lost weight by being more active - Success Stories - View

Obesity Crisis 2013: Is The American Diet Causing Mental Disorders? - Obesity Trends - View

Diet soda just as harmful to teeth as meth and crack cocaine, study claims - Food Knowledge - View

New Research Says Endurance Running May Damage Health - Exercise Tips - View

'Sitting is the new smoking,' doctor warns... - Exercise Tips - View

Is Everything You Eat A Drug? - Weight Loss Theories - View

The big fat truth - Weight Loss Theories - View

Low Calorie Diet Protects Brain Cells - Body and Brain - View

Waist to height ratio 'more accurate than BMI' - Obesity Trends - View

One week, no food - Success Stories - View

Secret to longer life may be in the brain: study - Weight Loss Theories - View

The Four Corners of Deceit: Prominent Liberal Social Psychologist Made It All Up - Weight Loss Theories - View

Enzymes turn inedible waste plant material into food and fuel - Food Knowledge - View

Western Style Diet Makes You Die Young: Study - Weight Loss Theories - View

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Isn't Bad for You - Food Knowledge - View

How to blackmail your parents for food - Weight Loss Theories - View

The Power of Color: How it influences our perceptions of what is “healthy” - Obesity Trends - View

Everything Causes Cancer! - Food Knowledge - View

Walking is just as good as jogging - Exercise Tips - View

Paleomythic: How People Really Lived During the Stone Age - Obesity Trends - View

After weight-loss surgery, new gut bacteria keep obesity away - Obesity Surgeries - View

Does Your Water Need More Ions? - Food Knowledge - View

Genes may be reason some kids are picky about food - Weight Loss Tips - View

1 in 10 U.S. Deaths Blamed on Salt - Food Knowledge - View

COCA-COLA To Unveil 'FRUITWATER' Next Month -- Contains No Fruit... - Obesity Trends - View

Experts Say Food May Contribute To Anger, Violent Behavior - Food Knowledge - View

New drug being developed using compound found in red wine could help humans live until 150 - Weight Loss Theories - View

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